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Professionally erected fencing and trellis include the boundary that a cherished home and garden deserve.


Whether it's Close Board, Feather Edge or Picket, professionally installed fencing creates a striking visual impact, by offering a variety of materials and colours.


We can make fencing either stand out or blend in according to the ethos of its setting, using decorative panels & areas of trellis not only draws the eye but also provides the opportunity to incorporate and train planting into your borders and garden highlights.


Done professionally this can be used either to create a natural and organic look or to established features and focal points that really stand out.


A selection of popular fencing & decorative panels include:


Close Board



Trellis Panels

Avenue Panels

Weave Panels

Slatted Panels

Tromp L’oreal Panels

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We build all types of Patios & Driveways available in many styles colours and textures.


We can help, guide and advise you to create a patio that can be an asset to your property and add value for years to come we can transform blank and unused waste land into a feature to be proud of.


We also provide maintenance and repair for all types of paving & driveways, patios and paving .


Our building services can leave surfaces in new condition increasing the value of your home.




Garden Walls & Patios


Hard landscaping frames the outdoor space by providing structure and definition to planting and garden features.


It is also a key element in making an outdoor space usable and in ensuring that it reflects and accommodates your lifestyle.


When done by professionals brickwork is a strengthening facing material that can be made either to stand out or to appear as part of the fabric of a surroundings.


It is a cost-effective material that requires little maintenance and retains its good looks over time. Given that there are over 1200 types of bricks on the market today we can readily sort a good match for the requirements of any project whether for new construction, extending or repair.


We also specialise in locating and working with reclaimed bricks.

A professional and qualified bricklayers bring a wealth of expertise to any project and are highly skilled in both technical and creative work.

We are happy to provide free no obligation quotation for work and to assist with the design process.

Some of the more popular brick categories we are asked to work with include...


Facing bricks



Wire cut

Common brick

 Hand made bricks

Reclaimed bricks

Imperial bricks

Engineering bricks



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For those who are thinking about improving their gardens, finding the right kind of help can be a huge advantage. As gardening experts, McGuigan Gardeners can ensure that you and your garden are always treated to the highest standard of gardening services, with our expert help making a real difference around the outdoor area of your home.

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